This post documents the development of version 1 of the ECU tester. This has since been replaced with version 2. […]
In order to finalize the ECU tester board design I needed to know how much current the ECU requires. I […]
The first public version of the MPS Tune-o-Matic is now available. This requires DJetronic Studio or higher, available from […]
This is for measuring out of the car although my picture shows it installed in the car. The “rotor” has […]
My points had dwell angles of 157, 157, 160 and 160 which is regarded as too high. I tried to […]
The adjustment screw on the Manifold Pressure Sensor (MPS) came from the factory with a plastic protective cap, intended to […]
Bung installed – $40 at an exhaust shop. Here is the O2 sensor installed Connected to the 14point7 Spartan 3 […]
We know that the MPS changes the pulse width based on the manifold vacuum and the atmospheric pressure. Testing for […]
Which is best? This chart shows @cushjbc ‘s factory calibrated MPS (green) and my Wideband O2 calibrated MPS (red). The measurements have […]
In this topic I will describe how the D-Jetronic basic fuel injector pulses are created with the aid of circuit […]
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