A quick test of an idea for using a syringe to generate vacuum.
Here are the technical details of the edge connector on the ECU.
I bought an ECU off ebay! It has been remanufactured by Bosch at some point in the past! But does […]
A demonstration of the overrun condition during deceleration where fuel injection is temporarily disabled. This is another way to view […]
In this video I use the ECU tester to demonstrate what the start signal is for and how it affects […]
The following video demonstrates the idle overrun – what it does and how it works. See the videos section at […]
Inspired by the diagram in the Mercedes EFI training manual for mechanics. This shows how the parts of the D-Jetronic […]
Here is a drawing of the size/shape of the blocks. This is reverse-engineered and untested. Use at your own risk. […]
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