All of these drawings I created myself from reverse-engineering the parts in a type 3 MPS. Print at 100% (no […]
The two coils are wound around a plastic spool with four wire connectors mounted onto the spool. The spool is […]
The aneroid cell pushes on the core, pressing it rearwards into the coil. A spring provides an opposing force and […]
I’ve spent the last week or so modeling all 68 parts in an MPS that @cushjbc kindly leant me to take apart. […]
A quick test of an idea for using a syringe to generate vacuum.
The first public version of the MPS Tune-o-Matic is now available. This requires DJetronic Studio or higher, available from […]
The adjustment screw on the Manifold Pressure Sensor (MPS) came from the factory with a plastic protective cap, intended to […]
Bung installed – $40 at an exhaust shop. Here is the O2 sensor installed Connected to the 14point7 Spartan 3 […]
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