Over the decades the gold surface on the PCB becomes worn and could lead to problems with idle and acceleration. With the help of @daves1800 I have re-created the PCB and here are files that can be given to any PCB manufacturer to make your own. Ideally the PCB should be made with hard gold (a gold alloy). The board is currently untested.

First step was to take a scan of the Bosch PCB from @daves1800, import it into my CAD software and scale the image to match reality.

Then I traced the shape and outlines to create a 3D CAD model.

The CAD model was projected to 2D and exported as an SVG file.

The SVG file was printed at 100% and compared with the original PCB by @daves1800. This SVG was imported into KiCAD and the edges traced to create copper polygons.

Here is a 3D representation of the PCB files generated by KiCAD.

The KiCAD files and the manufacturing files can be found on github.

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