DJetronic Studio is the PC application for the ECU Tester, MPS Tune-o-Matic and simulation. It provides a common interface to work with all three scenarios.

ECU Tester

The application allows configuration and monitoring of the tester, showing the current settings and pulse widths. Data can be recorded and exported to a CSV file for further analysis in a spreadsheet application. Charts can be exported as images to use as documentation of a test run.

MPS Tune-o-Matic

DJetronic Studio includes an MPS profile database. The database allows import and export of MPS profiles and creation of new profiles.

Once a profile has been chosen it can be used as a reference to calibrate another MPS, correcting automatically for differences in atmospheric pressure.

Simulation – In Development

This is the primary educational resource for learning about the electrical signals in D-Jetronic. A simulation can be configured and run and then the signals can be charted and compared with the wires on a vehicle.

This is a component-level simulation, down to the individual resistors and capacitors inside an ECU. The simulated ECU has been painstakingly reverse-engineered by @captainslc and @cushjbc with an assist from myself.

Electronic simulations nearly always require knowledge of the simulation syntax which can be arcane and a knowledge of electronics. DJetronic Studio wraps the simulation in a user-friendly interface that anyone can use.

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